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Kansas Ghost Town

Corbin is a community in Sumner County, Kansas, United States. The post office was established February 6, 1884, and discontinued February 16, 1975. The nearby Spring Creek School is on the National Register of Historic Places.
History of Corbin

by La Rue Watts, 8th grade [1953]

Corbin was founded about seventy years ago by a colony from Missouri. Before the colony came here, the Hurst post office was one mile west of here and...

This view below of Corbin from probably 1911 is from the southwest. The rooftop at top left center is the IOOF Hall in which the grocery store was located. The two story home in the center foreground belonged to Irl Nelson for many years. Following is a photo of Corbin from 1911, showing the old Methodist Episcopal Church in the distance. Note that Corbin is misspelled in the caption added to the shed roof and the 's' is backwards. Main Street 1935 news clipping provided by Gloria Wilson Fuhrmann, daughter of E.C. Wilson in the photo below Hotel Madison and Bank - Corbin, Kansas

Aviation Museum

Haunting in Wichita, Kansas

Recently featured on the local news. This location has had reports of voices, rattling door knobs, footsteps aparistions. Recently investigators discovered hi EMF readings and other occurances in different parts of the museum.


Leon - Titan II Missile Silo(533-4)

Abandonment in , Kansas

Number 4 of 18 Titan II Missile silos located around the Wichita area. These were in use in the cold war era and were decommisioned in the mid 80's due to the SALT treaty.



Alaska Ghost Town

Was the launching point for the Gold Rush. The popular picture of men traipsing up and down large hill taking their provisions was taken from Dyea. Many of the steamers taking people to the Gold Rush actually landed on the flats at Dyea.Submitted by: Dan Pearce

A small handfull of r...


Heritage Square

Haunting in Golden, Colorado

This is a type of shopping center/ amusement park that is haunted by many ghosts. One in particular is a young man who supposedly fell in love with a young girl from one of the Indian tribes that was passing through the area at the time. Some one supposedly forbid their love and as the young m...


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