Forgotten USA

Random Locations

The Holly House

Haunting in Pampa, Texas

Dragons have been spotted on wood in pictures. A dragon tail has also been spotted coming out of the house. Pictures have been taken and there are orbs. Peoples faces have been spotted in the wood on pictures.


Old Millfield Inn

Haunting in Malta, Ohio

Built in 1811 this abandoned inn is haunted by two ghosts. One is the ghost of a slave named Luther who died while the house was part of the Underground Railroad. After he died of an infected wound his spirit was seen wandering the ground and dragging his damaged leg. The other ghost is the sp...


Cooper's Crossing

Haunting in China Spring, Texas

Copper's Crossing gives you a feeling of being watched. The closer that you get to the river the stronger the feeling gets. As well as feelings of being brushed up against.


All Star Pizza

Haunting in Noel, Missouri

strange things happen at dark the ovens make weird noises, the walk-in freezer door opens when no one is around, lights flicker on when its close up time, if you drive by at night and look in you can see a white blure that looks like a person standing.



Kansas Ghost Town

In 1990, this class D-agricultural community had a population of 96. It is located on US 283, three miles north of the state line, about 50 miles south of Dodge City. Founded in 1884, Englewood was touted as the Veritable New Chicago of the Great Southwest. 

By 1886 there were three drug stores, four dry goods/grocery stores, two hotels, two lumberyards, a newspaper and a restaurant. It began to fade in the 1890s. By the mid 1970s Englewood looked like a stereotypical ghost town; its wide main street a two block long line of unoccupied buildings i...

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