Forgotten USA

Random Locations

Elms Resort and Spa

Haunting in Excelsior Springs, Missouri

It is noted by many that the lap pool area in the basement of the hotel is haunted. It is noted that a female figure, is walking around looking for her child. She has a tendency to get a little upset, so she will pull your hair, or throw something across the room.


Camp Farnsworth- Keushk

Haunting in Thetford, Vermont

In the theater/gathering hall called the Keushk people have reported cold spots and feelings of unease when alone. People have also claimed that sounds from outside sound muted when in the keushk and that the doors don't stay open. There have been reported sightings of a woman holding a ke...


This is a view of the Dining Hall from the lake at Camp Farnsworth This is one of the living units at Camp Farnsworth.


Arkansas Ghost Town

This now deserted town was once a thriving mining community. Silver and zinc were first discovered here in 1882, and in 1883 a record 13,000 pound piece of zinc was excavated and shipped to the chicago world's fair for exhibition. Today the piece is stilled housed in ...


Abandoned house

Abandonment in Abilene, Kansas

Right off of I-70 on Fair Rd there is a little abandoned house. Wide open, we walked right in.


Independence Mine

Alaska Ghost Town

Gold in this area was discovered in 1908 by Robert hatcher and in 1936, a camp boomed here. There was even an aerial tramway to haul the ore. Today there is a visitors center and musuem.

 Not too far from Anchorage. 
REMAINS: A mill and over 25 buildings, visi...


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