Peter Pender

This was a small but thriving community in the 1890's. Mining and farming were the two doinant ways of life. 2 different cemeteries are still accessible, although one is now in the middle of a huge farm. County Records in the 2, yes, 2 towns that are BOTH the county seat (Ozark and Charleston) show the remains and list what where the streets. Large dairy barn and State Highway saying PETERPENDER 1 MILE AHEAD is all that remains. My great-grandfather, Harvey Monroe Lawrence was born there in 1896. Highways built in the 1930's where built around the towm. Submitted by: Terry S.McLaughlin

Coming east from Ft. Smith, AR going east through Branch you turn north at the coop intersection. I was last there about 6 weeks ago. I lived the first 17 years of my life 2 miles east of Peterpender. My mother and brother still live near there.
When I was growing up, there  was still a store there and we bought a few groceries, gas and even dry goods such as Dan River fabric as well as feed for livestock. Joan McDonald

Helpfully yours,
Joan McDonald 
REMAINS: Cemetery, Highway Signs

Charleston, Arkansas

There are 22 Ghost Towns nearby

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