Sacramento - The Martinez House

Located on H and 22nd St. in Sacramento this two story stone structure complete with a creepy attic palm tree and two gargoyles with lions heads was the site of a huge murder. It is said that Dr. Arden Hart (who founded Sutter hospitals) gifted this house to the patriarch of his family who apparently suffered from some form of dementia where he one day murdered everyone in the house including all his house staff grandchildren and even the family cat. House was sold on the cheap to the Martinez family in 1976 who then started reporting struggles going on in the kitchen in the middle of the night apparitions of a panting presence that would visualize of an oriental man in a white lab coat a woman in a flower print dress the grandchildren and the gray and white cat. House has been abandoned since 2000 when the grandson of the family lived there briefly but was scared out by something changing the radio stations constantly. House has been under paranormal investigation aong with the Sacramento Theatre Company not too far from it. As with any site submitted to The Shadowlands always make sure you have permission to visit any site. Trespassing is not tolerated.

Sacramento, California

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