Springfield - Pythian Castle

The castle was originally built by the Knights of Pythias as an orphanage 
and senior citizens home for its members and their families in 1913. 
It was called the Pythian Home of Missouri. (See Census data links on side bar 
for names of staff and residents here in 1920 and 1930). For an idea of life at the castle during that time, check out the interview with Mildred Hall Cherry, an orphan here during 1930's, by Springfield Magazine. 

In 1942, the US military acquired the property by "Order of Immediate Possession" for use as offices and service club for recovering injured veterans from WWII. It became part of O'Reilly General Hospital. An invitation to 1943 Christmas Party here list all personnel working here at that time. The military maintained ownership of the property until 1993 when it was sold as "surplus". 
A complete history can be found on our application for
National Registry of Historic Places. 



With over 90 years of history, our ghosts transcend many decades from the time of the orphanage to the years the military occupied the building. It is not uncommon here to hear male or females voices, to bump into a mass, hear noises such as doors shutting or boxes being moved with no one around or to see an image. Orbs have been detected in several areas of the building along with temperature changes and voices have been caught on tape. Some even claim to have gotten ghostly images in their photos. We are attempting to collect data on the occurances as they happen as well as collect information of events before our time here. Any additions, please let us know. In the meantime, you may find some of the evidence collected from several paranormal professionals that have been through here. Their web page links are listed below. If you are interested in we offer ghost tours, workshops and investigations.

Springfield, Missouri

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