Allegany - Wing Hollow/Ski Wing Resort

This place was a nice ski resort which opened in the late 1950s. In the 60s/70s several people were crushed/dismembered in a lift accident a little boy drowned in the pond at the base and a janitor in the chalet was shot in the head executioner-style by the two people who robbed the place for $17000. They were never caught. Reported white figures in the road people walking with ski-equipment man following you in the chalet little boy screaming your car stalls at the base of the hill and you see white faces in the rear window.

Comment by Davilo:

My understanding is that one person, a boy, was killed in the runaway ski lift accident and other skiers were injured but survived.

As far as the robbery goes, from what I understand two of the ski resort employees surprised two guys that were attempting to break into the safe in the ski lodge. Both employees were shot in the head and killed, execution style. A third employee, a janitor, most likely avoided becoming the third victim because he overslept that day and arrived to work three hours late, after the killings had occurred. The empty safe was later recovered in a nearby river but (as of Feb 2014) the thieves have never been caught.


Allegany, New York

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42.0900647, -78.4941887


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