Harrisburg - Harrisburg State Hospital

Harrisburg State Hospital was an insane asylum for over 150 years. It admitted its first patient in 1851 as The Pennsylvania State Lunatic Hospital. It is located on the outskirts of city limits of Harrisburg on a 200 acre plot most of which falls within Susquehanna Township lines. There is an entrance on Cameron St. across from the Farm Show complex and another one off of Elmerton Ave. A hiking and biking trail called the Capital Area Green Belt leads into another entrance in the Edgemont area of the city. It closed its doors as an asylum in 2006 but the grounds and buildings are still in use today as offices for several state agencies such as the PA Office of Mental Health. There are now over 50 buildings on the grounds although a large portion of the land is still Woodland. Many different noises from screams to footsteps are heard and many different visuals ranging from shadows to full-bodied apparitions are witnessed. The morgue although very tiny is 2 stories tall and the basement leads into the tunnels. There are large blood-like stains on the floor and all the exam tables are still there. There is also poltergeist activity reported in the various buildings. Be warned it may be illegal to be on the property at night and there are some security guards. The morgue stables and some of the tunnel entrances are secluded enough to probably not be noticed if entered at night and since that area is right by the Green Belt one could enter the property from that entrance and have the car readily available but it is probably best to try and get permission. It is DEFINITELY illegal to actually be in the tunnels or the morgue as well as any other buildings that are boarded up or locked.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

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