Weatherly - Weatherly cemetery

Haunted by evil souls who were buried on unblessed ground. Records of devil worshiping and cannibalism take place under the fog on the cemetery grounds at dusk. November 2005 update: Additional stories are a legend of an Indian who appears only as two red eyes peering out at you from the woods surrounding the cemetery. A local resident reports of a bat who flew in her driver's side window and out the passenger side window while driving the cemetery road as she passed the cemetery. Another report from a substitute teacher and a friend of hers who captured actual photographs of the paranormal from this site and was instructed by a physic to burn these photographs. The ghosts apparently do not wish to be photographed. The dates on the markers date hundreds of years back. There are two cemeteries in Weatherly but this is the oldest located on a dark heavily wooded and curvy back road between the RD#2 road and Buck Mtn.

Weatherly, Pennsylvania

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40.9417535, -75.82964


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