Green River - Green River Library

You can hear strange noises and books fall off the shelves at night. Daily Rocket Miner Reporter stayed the night in the library. Had many different eerie feelings. But didn't see anything until he remember his recorder recording in the conference room. It had several unexplained clicks on it. Then about halfway through someone breathed into it. Then on the other side of the tape a small girl yells out HELLO! And he and another reported were the only ones in the library! One night the janitor was vacuuming and the light came on upstairs so he ran to turn it off but when he returned the vacuum was gone and then he heard someone upstairs vacuuming and when he went up there nobody was there! June 2008 Update / Additional information: they built the new library on the old city graveyard. A new graveyard was constructed up the hill and it was thought that all graves had been removed from the old site and were accounted for. Not quite. During construction workers dug up several old caskets which broke open with the bones falling out! Spooked the workers good. Ever since the library is thought to have been constructed on bad soil like out of some horror movie plot.

Green River, Wyoming

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